Key Programming

Here at Auto Locksmiths 4 U, we offer a quick and efficient car key programming service. If you’re in an emergency, we can get this resolved for you quickly to allow you to go where you get to get to. Our team are all equipped with what they need for transponder key programming and therefore will complete the job with no problems.

What is a Transponder Key?

As technology has evolved, there a various makes and models of cars that not only have a key to get started, but also a transponder key. This is a small device that connects to the car via a radio transmission and allows it to be drive. Without this, the car will not drive.

These are great as the keys are programmed for specific cars and reduce the opportunity for theft. This is because if either your key or transponder key is stolen, the car will not start and won’t be able to be driven. However, the chances of your keys being separate are slim as most keep them all on the same tag. Therefore, if both of these keys are stolen or lost, your car is at risk of being stolen.

What To Do

If you are sure that your keys have been stolen and your car is at risk, the first thing to do is call the police. Do not call us first as the police need to be aware that your belongings are missing. You should call Auto Locksmiths 4 U after the police have been called. 

We will arrive with all of the equipment needed to sort the problem out quickly. Without having your key, we will still be able to too erase the transponder signal numbers in your car. This means that the key that has been stolen will no longer work and allow access to the vehicle. 

After the risk is eliminated, we will focus on getting you a new key made and programmed up to your car. We will ensure that communication between the new key and your car is perfect before we leave you. 

If you need our help, please contact us where we will speak to you about what we can do.

Need our help? Whether you're locked out of your car or lost your keys altogether, we're here to help.
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