Replacement Car Keys

We all know the panic, you search for your car keys high and low but they are no where to be found. Most of the time, we find them and thats the end of that. However, in some cases, no matter where we look we just can’t seem to locate them. But there’s no need to panic, with our services, we will get you a replacement key in no time. 

Now, you have two options when you lose your car keys. Firstly, you can choose to go to our dealer and get a new set of keys from them. However, this can come with implications. Your car may need to be towed to their garage so that your new keys can be cut and programmed. Even worse, what if they can’t get you in for a week? What will you do without your car?

For a stress-free resolution, call Auto Locksmiths 4 U. We will have you back on the road within no time and you won’t need to tow your car anywhere - we will come to you.

When we arrive, we will be equip with a new set of keys which we will immediately programme up to your car. We won’t waste time and will focus our main priority on getting you where you need to go. More importantly, all of it won’t burn a whole in your pocket!

We’re here for whoever you need it. Just call us on 01638 596265.

Need our help? Whether you're locked out of your car or lost your keys altogether, we're here to help.
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